Staff Charge Plan

You don't have to be a student to take advantage of ISU Dining's great food and convenient locations! As a full-time ISU employee, you can sign up for the Staff Charge Plan.


You can use the Staff Charge Plan at any of ISU Dining's campus locations. As an added benefit, you get a 10% discount on meals in the dining centers (Seasons Marketplace, Union Drive Marketplace, Conversations Dining and Storms Dining). Our dining centers are all-you-care-to-dine with no taxes and no tipping. They're also a great place for breakfast or lunch meetings!


Signing up for the Staff Charge Plans means no longer worrying about carrying cash at mealtimes. Simply present your ISUCard to the cashier in any ISU Dining location whenever you want a meal or snack. The cost of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your paycheck each month. There is no cost to sign-up for the Staff Charge Plan and absolutely no obligation to use it.


You're already on-campus so it's easy to stop into any one of ISU Dining's multiple locations for a meal, snack, or cup of coffee. You can use your plan at any ISU Dining Location. (Panda Express and Subway are independently operated and do not accept the Staff Charge Plan).

How do I sign up?

Signing-up for the Staff Charge Plan is simple:

  • Log-on to your AccessPlus
  • Select Employee tab
  • Select Dining Charge Plan from the left-hand menu and follow the instructions

Once you have signed up, you may begin using your Staff Charge Plan immediately.

Staff Charge Plan Terms and Conditions

Only full-time Iowa State University employees are eligible to participate in the Staff Charge Plan.

There is no cost to have a Staff Charge Plan and there is no obligation to use it.

The Staff Charge Plan entitles you to a discount on meals at the following on-campus Dining Centers: Conversations, Seasons, Storms, and Union Drive Marketplace. This discount applies only to you as the staff member and may not be used for guests.

The Staff Charge Plan can be used to make purchases in all ISU Dining locations, However, discounts are only applied in Dining Centers.

Participation in the Staff Charge Plan requires enrollment in Iowa State University's Payroll Deduction. AccessPlus enrollment for Payroll Deduction will authorize 100% of your account u-bill minimum monthly balance to be deducted from your month-end payroll.

Prior month Staff Charge Plan purchases are assessed to your UBill on the first of the following month and will appear on your monthly Accounts Receivable statement in Access Plus. These charges will be deducted, in full, from your next paycheck.

You have the right to cancel your Payroll Deduction authorization, prior to the 15th of each month, by emailing your full name, ISU ID number, and details of your request to This will also cancel your Staff Charge Plan. Please note that your Payroll Deduction will not be cancelled if you have unpaid ISU Dining charges.   

In order to access the Staff Charge Plan, you must present your ISUCard to the ISU Dining cashier at the time of purchase. Your ISUCard is for your personal use only. Do not give your ISUCard to another person to use. If you do not have an ISUCard you can obtain one at the ISUCard office.

Loss or theft of your ISUCard should be reported immediately to the ISUCard Office. You may also deactivate your ISUCard in AccessPlus by selecting “ISU IDs” on the A+ Home tab. ISU Dining is not responsible for any fraudulent transactions prior to your notification that your card is lost or stolen.

Communication about your Staff Charge Plan will be sent to you via your ISU email account.