Meal Plans, Blocks, and Dining Dollars

Whether you're living on or off campus, we have a meal plan that will fit your busy lifestyle! Meal plans can be used in residential dining centers and in select locations for meal bundles. You can use Dining Dollars in our many campus cafes and convenience stores. So, why should you consider having a meal plan?

Save Time

When you dine on campus, there's no shopping, cooking or cleaning up. With our flexible hours and many locations, you can eat on campus when it's convenient for you.

Convenient Way to Pay

By purchasing a meal plan and/or Dining Dollars, you know you have money set aside for meals and snacks. You just swipe your ISUCard at any ISU Dining location and you're good to go! Plus, you don't have to worry about carrying cash.

Convenient Locations

You spend a lot of time on campus and you're going to get hungry! With our many locations, there's always something nearby for your next fresh meal or snack.


When you purchase meal plans and/or Dining Dollar$ in advance, they are offered at a discounted price. Plus, you're getting high-quality and fresh variety at each meal.