ISU Dining Services Continue as Scheduled

12 Aug 2010
AMES, Iowa—As students begin moving back to campus, ISU Dining will continue to offer their services as scheduled with just one exception. Limited ice and no fountain beverages, coffee, or juice from juice machines will be available until tap water is safe to drink. Bottled beverages, however, will still be available.

Earlier this week, city-wide flooding led to a water main break, prompting the city of Ames to declare a boil water advisory. ISU Dining has already ordered drinking water that will be used for food preparation until the water system has been declared safe for consumption.

“We are planning to serve as scheduled,” said ISU Dining Director Nancy Levandowski. “The only drawback will be no fountain beverages or coffee, but we will have bottled beverages available.”

Flooding conditions had no effect on any ISU Dining facilities. Rising waters approached the Maple-Willow-Larch residence hall complex, which houses ISU Dining’s recently renovated Seasons Marketplace. A ring dike with flood gates and a pump system, put in place after the flood of 1993 kept the recent flood waters from entering the area.

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