Ames Flood Relief Donations Sent to Joplin, Mo.

25 May 2011
AMES, Iowa - When the Ames area experienced record flooding in August 2010, donations of water came by the truckload. ISU Dining’s Food Stores department helped coordinate the logistics of collecting, distributing and storing the water. Now, the water donated to help Ames residents is on its way to help the residents of Joplin, Mo.

“We had about 4000 gallon jugs of drinking water in our warehouse and we’ve been looking for a place to donate it,” said Jamie Lenz, Assistant Director for Food Stores. “Our employees suggested donating the water to Joplin and realized that Liberty Fruit Co. would probably service that area.”

Liberty Fruit Co. is based in Kansas City, Kan., and regularly makes deliveries to Ames. Through the conversation, Lenz’s team found a way to pass the kindness that was shown to Ames on to Joplin.

“We unloaded our produce order and loaded their semi back up with the pallets of water. Liberty is trucking the water straight to Joplin.” said Lenz. “People were there to help Ames through flooding and thanks to Liberty, the donated water will go to good use.”

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